Changing The Jewelry Buying Industry

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Changing The Jewelry Buying Industry

Beads & Bubbly is creating a jewelry making revolution by changing the way women buy jewelry and opening up an business model that is turning the handmade industry on it head.

Changing How Women Think About Purchasing Jewelry

Women buy jewelry for every outfit and occasion. Now women are making it, and loving it! Jewelry making does not have to be a individual craft or boring workshop. Our award-winning jewelry making parties are a fun, social and creative way to learn the art of jewelry making with no prior experience. Guests come away from our parties with a beautiful new piece of jewelry they created, sense of accomplishment and a little tipsy.

“So much fun! I am looking forward to doing it again.”
-Washington, DC Attendee

Changing The Industry

According to the Craft & Hobby Association, the craft industry represents a sizable chunk of the growing small business community within the United States. With the continued double digit growth of platforms like, Etsy, their is a significant demand for customizable, handcrafted art. The handcrafted nature of this industry, many of the businesses are not franchised.

Beads & Bubbly business model is focused around handcrafted, customizable designs that give both jewelry designers and/or entrepreneurs a way to nationally grow. This is huge. We are opening up another avenue for jewelry designers to build their brands and start a business. Our licensees have an opportunity to build a creative business with limitless opportunities for both themselves and their local jewelry design community.


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