Creative Jewelry Making Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower

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Creative Jewelry Making Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower

When planning for a wedding there are obvious stresses such as: securing a venue; picking the date; and finding the perfect dress. Every bride wants their day to be special and go off without a hitch. Blending two families and high school friends with college friends can get in the way of that. Finding opportunities to bring loved ones together before the wedding in a fun and relaxed way can be the start of building relationships between friends, family and future relatives.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

The Power of Jewelry Making

Bringing women together from all parts of your life to create jewelry is that is customizable and locally designed can be the prefect way to unify friends and family. Guests will each be creating their own piece of jewelry that the bridal party or guests can wear at the wedding.

Creating Memories, Not Just Crafting

Jewelry has the power to finalize and reinvent an outfit. Creating a beautiful new accessory together gives guests an opportunity to make memories. Watch as guests laugh, enjoy a cocktail, help one another and show off their new piece of jewelry.

Make It Your Own

Brides are looking for ways to really make their special day uniquely their own. Not all brides want to wear pearls, we get that. For brides that want to have their guests create a customized piece of jewelry or bridal accessory, we have a network of local jewelry designers that can design something specifically for them.

How You Are Giving Back

It is not secret that when you shop local, you are supporting a small business and individual in your community. Our events directly support local artisan in your community through design royalties, income opportunities and exposure for their craft. Not only will guest leave with a beautiful, handcrafted piece of jewelry, but having made an impact on our designers lives. #ArtWithAHeART

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