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Birthday Party Ideas for Creative Women

If you are scouring the internet looking for a gift idea for someone who deserves something spectacular, a crafty lady in your life or planning for a big birthday, we have two words for you … jewelry making.

Jewelry making parties will be envy of your social media following. As hosts, we provide all materials and personalized instruction for guests to create their own handmade piece of jewelry designed by local artisans.

We take the burden of planning an event off your shoulders. Our dedicated event manager will work with you to select a piece of jewelry guests will create, secure a location for the event, set up an event page for guests to easily reserve their spot and be there to ensure a successful event. We put the fun in functional art.

Love the Idea, But We Are Not In Your Community, Yet?

We may not have events (yet) in your community, but we can have our DIY Jewelry Jars shipped to your door. You can still plan the most epic jewelry making party with your friends and family right in your own home with our jewelry making kits.

Pop open the bubbly, put out some snacks and create jewelry with your best gals. Our jewelry making kits include the materials and step-by-step instruction to create your own piece of jewelry. We do have a link to a video tutorial that everyone can follow along to as well.

Learning a new skills we believe is a wonderful gift and we are excited to be able to share that with you.

Greater Than Just a Gift

Our events and products are greater than the one time gift or event. We are committed to promoting the art of jewelry design and believe supporting local artisans. Your purchase directly supports local artisans through income opportunities, exposure and design royalties.


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